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Our founder developed Prompt Chemical Screening of Hiram after she ran into poor-quality service from other screeners.


Her attempts to adopt children from parents with an addiction problem was constantly thwarted when the parents fooled drug testers. Although she eventually won custody of the children, the experience gave her a mission: Do testing right!


Since 2007, the staff of Prompt Chemical Screening has been an advocate for a drug-free community and for affected children.

Count on Trustworthy Results

Some drug testers don't require identification. Others are easily misled because of poor training or because they don't know the policies of the court or the company they are working for.


At Prompt Chemical Screening we ensure absolute integrity, so you can trust our drug and alcohol testing results. We follow every protocol to a T - we check ID, we limit access to dilution tricks - and diligently ensure all steps are followed.


When you contact us you will find that not only are we less expensive than some testers, but part of our service is educating you about the process. You will know what to expect long before one of your prospects or clients reaches our office!


You can also secure tests to establish paternity and family relationship. Call 770-439-6656 for details.

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