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Immediate Post-Accident Screening

If you have an on-site work accident, you need to quickly know whether anything was impairing your employee's function or judgment. Prompt Chemical Screening of Hiram can be there. We are DOT certified and compliant.


Our mobile testers will perform any necessary tests before the employee goes home. Third shift, 2 AM, or weekend shift incidents don't stop us! We help you comply with the law.


After a factory accident, a truck wreck, or other incident, call for our 24/7 emergency service at 770-882-5504.

Cost-saving, On-site Drug Tests

Improve your work place safety and compliance with our mobile testing, and save time and money.


Instead of spending payroll hours having employees come to us for tests, let us come to your business. We can arrange for mass tests of 10 or more employees.


On-site, surprise, random testing also improves the integrity of the process, with a lot more positives than you would see when employees have time to prep for a test.


If you're in doubt about paternity, we also can visit the hospital right after the baby is born and perform immediate tests.

Fast On-site Drug, Alcohol, & Paternity Tests

Time-saving, Money-saving Mobile Testing Available in all of Metro Atlanta

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