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Reliably Establish Family Relationship

Whether you need information when a father is deceased or absent, or if you're trying to determine if two people are siblings, Prompt Chemical Screening of Hiram can help.


Testing of extended family members - uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents - can establish family ties when they are in doubt. We can also help adopted children establish family ties. Knowing builds peace of mind!


You can get anonymous tests using hair or a swab.

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Build Your Case with DNA Testing

DNA relationship tests are useful for attorneys trying to establish legal relationships, and in other court cases.

• Inheritance

• Custody

• Child support

• Adultery

Prompt Chemical Screening can also make arrangements to test and get results from fathers and other relations when they are in another state.


Rely on us. We've been providing tests with integrity since 2007.

Reliably Establish Family Relationship

Modern DNA Tests Indicate Who's Related

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